Good espresso everywhere!!

My friend and colleague Louis Claus mailed me these pictures.
Louis is owner of �de Blonde Pater� (The Blond Father) a beautiful outlet in Nijmegen in the east of the Netherlands.
He was also the first Dutch barista finalist ever. Although he did not win that final (sorry Louis J ) He impressed because he did latte art, And in those years he was the only one in the Netherlands.

The pictures are taken on a big dance festival in Nijmegen.(12.000 people) Louis made the coffee on this festival. I hope this will be a new norm. Good music, good atmosphere and good espresso made on good machines by good baristi!

I often tell about my experience in beautiful Oslo. We visited a club called Uncle Donald.
Good atmosphere, good music, good drinks and beautiful people.
But the best of all was the espresso bar.

I had never seen this in the Netherlands. A Espressobar in a trendy club!
I also remember that the espresso was very bad, and made by somebody without any spore of passion. But the is initiative perfect.



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