Barista Party 2005 Amsterdam BARISTA PARTY 2005…

Barista Party 2005 Amsterdam Posted by Picasa

Our first barista party ‘Seattle Style’ took place yesterday July 5t in Amsterdam. It was a big success. More than 100 people from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany signed in, and showed up. And we where very happy to have Duane (Stumptown) at the party.

The beautiful location, The Coffee Company right in the middle of Amsterdam was perfectly chosen.Rick Bekkema (one of the owners of The Coffee company) and me did the organization with a lot of help from Kees van der Westen (needs no introduction), Paul van der Hulst (Peeze coffeeroasters) and Louis Claus (owner of the coffeebar and more TheBlonde Pater).

The program was very simple. Our main objective was to bring people from the whole industry together. The result was a lot of barista, roasters, whole sellers etc talking together, drinking beer and rosé wine.After the guests entered the ‘Coffee Company’ they got a welcome by Michael Eckman. He is 2 times Dutch champion ‘Classic Cocktails’. He prepared some extremely good espresso Martini’s. (1 espresso, 35 ml vodka, 15 ml sugar-water, 15 ml Tia Maria, shaken with a lot of ice and served in a Martini glass)

There was more than enough to drink and eat. Some culinary sandwiches, very nice cakes from ‘the Cooky Company’ (the new project of Donar Theunisen, Dutch barista champ 2004) and everybody was free to take whatever they wanted.

There where 2 espresso machines 3 group Mistral, 2 group Mirage with levers) and a lot of roasters brought their blendsWe had 2 Mahlkonig grinders (k30ES, k60ES), one Mazzer prepared by Kees. He made a very functional grinding on demand solution on it. And there was Donars famous Mazzer with the foot pedal and the grinding on demand function.

Of course a lot of enthusiastics went making really fantastic espressi and cappuccini. And of course some artists prepared the most fantastic latte arts. Michel Buis impressed with double Rosettas, thanks to the ‘Extreme Latte Art’ DVD with Billy and Chris D. which a bought in Seattle.

Rick had the idea to make a unique competition. He called it ‘Blindfolded baristabattle’One blindfolded barista and a assistant had to make 2 espressi and 2 cappuccini.In team one we had Duch champ 2005 Christina de Mello (she told us that she wont compete in Bern because of a time problem) and Paul van der Hulst. Christina did the talking and Paul the walking. The results where accapteble and for the public it was real fun.

Team two Rose van Asten (who will compete now instead of Christina) together with Louis Claus. After a very nice show with a lot of hilarity the winner was team two.They were very happy with the prize. 10 small coffee plants. Brought in by Peter Deprez from Viva Sara coffee roasters in Belgium.

So we are very proud and happy that the first barista party was such a success.Everybody enjoined and Is looking forward to the next event…So please enjoy the pictures and feel free to join the next Dutch barista party.I will put the invitation on the blog as soon as it’s ready.



2 responses to “Barista Party 2005 Amsterdam BARISTA PARTY 2005…

  1. Sorry I couldn’t make it I could’t find a ride.

  2. Jeroen Veldkamp

    Strange… Duane found him selfe a ride. How did you searche? eyes closed 🙂

    How are you man? i’ll write you a nice mail very soon.
    Mis you too…

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