Hilton London

Last week I was invited to come over to London and make some coffee for the Hilton hotels.
Douwe Egberts UK does deliver the coffee in all of the UK Hilton hotel’s and has been asked to make the coffee during a very special event.
Every year there is a meeting for the General Managers from Hilton all over the world.
This year the London Hilton Metropole hotel was the host.
Being host of this event is really serious business. Big prestige because of all of the Hilton people in the house. My colleagues from the UK did a perfect job. They prepared it very well with new bars and machines.

Together with my international barista colleagues Jaroslav and Jan from Czech Republic and Iwan from Hungary and Giovanni from the UK we had to deliver 450 coffees in 15 minutes.
And because of the good organization we did it and we are very proud on that. Of course it isn’t to hard to do that amount of coffee’s is 15 minutes but 90% of the ordered coffee was milk based an it was a big opportunity to show the international Hilton top that we can do top quality latte arts under pressure.

And although they were all managers with a long time experience in the hotel business, most of them were very surprised to see a latte art. And most of them never saw it before.
So it was an other chance to promote our passion and profession to the world.


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