European Barista & latte art Championship in Hamburg…

Of course I’ve visited the ‘European world cup barista championship’ what about that name? World cup and European… something’s wrong about that name. And there was more wrong than just the name. At least it’s strange that the organization, which is the same as the WBC, invited people to pay € 75, 00 and let them compete. In the WBC each country can deliver his national champ.

Please see the rules on this site:

But Ok all the competitors did their best and it was nice to see them doing their performance. On Saturday and Monday they did the semi finals which I didn’t see. 3 countries have reached the finals: Germany, Italy and Poland.

The German guy won the finals and of course he was very happy with that. He and his ‘Double Eye’ team spent a lot of time in this competition and even closed the shop for two day to join this event with the whole team.

Second place for Poland. Martin from Green coffee had a very nice performance. His presentation was a bit a copy of Troels in Seattle. After a good semi final he did a good job in the finals. In his mélange he had 100% Arabica with mostly Nicaragua coffee.

Third place for Italy. Giordanino was trained by Andrea. The formerly Italian champ. He was my favorite. Because of his Italian style. He was relaxed and looked like he stepped out of the ‘Donny Brasco’ mafia movie. Nice latte arts he made but also some mistakes. No dosing, strange tamping and not to clean. But his presentation was good. He did it in Italian and Roberto from Brasilia did the translating.

I was a nice competition to see, but the level was not the European top. Remember that most World champs are from Europe. They were not there because they prefer the Nordic cup for this event. I think they made the right choice…

The winners of the latte art competition. unfortunately i have no pictures of the results. If I receive them by mail I will publish them.

From left to right:

Giordanino from Italy – 3th place

Vlad Kozhokar from Russia 1th place and European champion

Nora Smahelova from Germany – 2th place


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