Tea and Coffee World cup Exhibition & Symposium in Hamburg

Yesterday I visited the 2005 Tea and Coffee World cup Exhibition & Symposium in Hamburg Germany. After a 4,5 hour drive I was very happy to smell the scent of espresso. Near the entrée I found this mobile coffee bar, looks like our own Dutch Mobiccino.

The first person I met in the exhibition was Willy Hansen, coffee trainer and expert from Solberg & Hansen Norway. I’m always very interested in his stories and opinions. If you ever have the change, talk to this man because he always looks at his own pure way to barista techniques.

The other person on the picture is Felix Mini. Coffee importer from Luxembourg. Felix served excellent espresso from a nice Mirage machine.

At the MAHLKÖNIG booth I met Holger Welz from ‘Dalla Corte’ espresso machines. Henk Langkemper was interested in his story aswel.
He showed me an impressive 3 group machine. Each group had his own 500 ml boiler with a temperature control of 0,1 degrees. It also had a boiler for thee and steam with an automatic cleaning system. The reason that they showed their machine at the MAHLKÖNIG booth was because of a grind control system. The machine was connected to the MAHLKÖNIG k60 grinder. I’m not sure what it did, but as soon as a know I will tell you.

Holger gave me some specifications of the Dalla Corte machine…
Direct control of temperature of each group and of the boiler through an electronic system which guarantees that temperature is controlled at the tenth of degree
Groups and boiler are programmed independently through an external programmer
Remarkable energy saving
Reliable product, with simple solutions for any kind of technical service or intervention
All the parameters are programmed through an external palmer or through a remote control system (RCS)

And then I have drunk a nice espresso from Fabian Schmit. He showed some nice latte arts. To bad that he didn’t compete at the latte art championships. Fabian made a new and realy nice looking tamper. Steel with carbid. (sorry no picture)

After a nice chat with Roberto Pregel from Brasilia machines, about his ‘on demand’ griders and a barista exchange in the future I searched my car again for a long trip back to Holland.

Overall I really enjoined the exhibition. Not to big but very interesting exhibitors. A lot of green coffee and tea. Nice machines, nice cups and a lot more. Looking forward to the Milan exhibition already.


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