Latte Party in the Hague

Sorry, i can’t upload any pictures at the moment. Please visit my FLICKR album here

Last Friday was competition time.
A well organized event took place in The Hague.
The event called ‘Latte Party’ was an initiative from ‘de Haagse Cultuurnacht’
(The Hague Culture night) and espresso distributor ESW.

I competed together with 11 other baristi. We had to make 2 capp’s and 2 latte arts.
Although the organizer Henk told us ‘just to make a party’ there was a serious jury with serious judge forms. So there were some different expectations.

I was well prepared and brought some colors with me. My plan was to make something with The Hague in it with the colors green and yellow. But because of the serious level of judging I decided to keep it simple and respectful. And not to paint with colors on the good espresso and milk.

I had to wait very long. I was number 11 in the row. And because the party started at 10.00 In the evening I had to wait till 01.00 nigh time. And the temperature, my god I was sweating all over. Butt I’m very happy to tell you that I’ve won the competition. Butt I have to be honest, it was bad… very bad.

I don’t know what it was, maybe the heat, maybe the time but the latte art couldn’t impress.
Before the competition there was a kind of a jam session and believe me; we made the most beautiful latte’s ever.
But during the competition the level in general was really bad.

But OK the atmosphere was perfect, there was beer, a DJ and a very nice speaker and a lot of baristi. So another good and new initiative.

We are rocking in the Netherlands…

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