It comes together…

As you all know; I’m a big fan of Kees van der Westen. And even a bigger fan of his machines.
Today Kees make his beautiful Mirage machines and new Mistrals. In the past he made some pieces of art ( check his site and look at Ãearlierr work’) As you know too I’m working for Sara Lee/Douwe Egberts and we have several espresso brands. Ofcourse Piazza d’Oro and Douwe Egberts espresso but we have also Laurentis espresso.
In 1989 Kees made a machine (piece of art) for Laurentis. In those years Laurentis had her own headquarter in The Hague.

This is what Kees said about this machine:
Built on commission for the Laurentis coffee roasting company. CMA Astoria parts are used. Stand-alone draintray, small pressuregauges to spruce up the groups, glass level-indicator pipe specially bent to run along the curved belly of the machine, between the thick vertical glass pieces. Tube lights at the rear, illuminating the large bent glass plates. This light reacts on the boilerpressure, making the machine come alive. A minimum of 4 men is needed to move this machine.

Since a few weeks Laurentis moved to our headquarter in Utrecht and guess what?
They brougt their piece off art with them. Now its in our trainingcentre and almost ready to use.
I’m a lucky basterd…


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