SIC show in Milano

While some people in the Netherlands did a simple coffee-test for a simple newspaper, some other coffee lovers traveled to Milan this weekend. Every two years it’s SIC time. (Salone internazionale Del caffe) This is one of the biggest coffee shows in the world held in absolute the most wonderful show complex I’ve ever seen. Beautiful architecture and a perfect routing. And of course Milan espresso bars. It’s so good to see the roots of espresso coffee. With roots I mean the passion of Italian people to make the best out of a product and the patience of Italian people to wait in a row for a good product. Believe me, we drunk a lot espresso and cappuccino and all of them were good, better or very good. None of them were real bad but none of them were perfect. It’s just because the Italian follow their feeling and their hart. They do not adjust the grinder very often, they dont clean the machine or steamwand, they do dose but no leveling and no tamping. (The pre infusion on most of the machines replaces the tamping part) and the coffee is good almost every time.
But to be really honest, the atmosphere of screaming waiters and screaming customers helps the taste of the espresso.

In the famous Zucco at Galleria bar we have drunk our espresso and cappuccino every day. How much cappuccino (latte art) do you think they make every day….?
1000 to 1200!! Maybe for Portland and Seattle readers it’s not that much. But for Dutch readers it’s incredible.

On the show we met a lot of old friends. Luigi Lupi with his beautiful Mussetti booth, Fritz Storm at the La Marzocco booth (with a Kees v/d Westen mistral and a 5 group LM), Kees van der Westen with his new one group machine, Mahlkonig with their grinder connected to an Del La Corte machine. This brand made some nice improvements. Every group his own 500 ml boiler with own temperature for each boiler, a new mysterious steamwand witch let everybody steam perfect foam. (I think it blows and sucks at the same time), because every group has his own boiler they build the pre infusion at the cold water side. And this brings a real nice extraction.
The machine checks the extraction time every shot. When the extraction time is to long or short the machines interface give signal to the Mahlkonig k60 and it adjusts it selves…

What made me scary were the pods and the capsules. Very much pods, pod machines, capsules, capsule machines, thea pods, etc.

Take care, Jeroen


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