I’m back!!

Hello all,

Long time no see!
Excuses for that but last period was and still is very busy.

We had a big reorganization in the organization (Sara Lee)
We had three espresso brands (Douwe Egberts, Laurentis, Piazza d’Oro) and we made one big organization of it. So a lot of work to do because now we are leader in the market (HORECA) with about 30%.

Good news out of Amsterdam. A new concept bar opened the doors last month. “Vuong” is the new concept of Casper reijnders. He is also the owner of Jimmy Woo (world famous club). Vuong brings perfect food, cocktails and espresso by day, in the same trendy clubby atmosphere as Jimmy Woo by night.

The best news is that they hired a professional barista. My good friend and one of my first students Anne Jan is master barista in Phuong. We are very proud to be the first professional bar concept with a professional barista.

This period is showtime. There is the Millionaires fair, Food show in Amsterdam, Food show in Maastricht and my personal favorite is the BAR show in Amsterdam. I represent Piazza d’Oro on every show. In Amsterdam and Maastricht I have some help from (two Michelin star chef) Hans van Wolde from Restaurant Beluga. We make a perfect combination from his food and my espresso. Very exiting.

I’ll bring some pictures as soon as possible.

Last news: This very nice espresso bar from Victors coffee to Go in Haarlem.

We are doing very well in the Netherlands.

If there is any news out of your country please mail me on jveldkamp@decs.nl
I’ll putt it on this blog with pleasure. (60 readers from 20 different country’s every day)

Take care,


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