barista-bartender jam!

Hello all,

Since my good friend Anne Jan is the head barista in the most trendy outlet in Amsterdam named ‘Vuong’ we are more and more interested in espresso based cocktails.
Vuong is not only the base of Anne Jan, but also for a few of the best bartenders of Amsterdam.
I write a column in THEME magazine. THEME is all about trends, lifestyle, design and concepts in the Dutch and Belgium horeca (hotel-restaurant-café) and they also write about espresso and cocktails. So the plan is to do a barista-bartender jam session on the 4th of January.
I’m much exited about it because I’m sure that the espresso cocktails will be very popular in the trendy bars and clubs. We hope of course that a few new classics will be developed. I think you all know the classic espresso-Martini?
If not, please go and Google the espresso martini. Lots of variations and tips and tricks will appear. In my next post I’ll show the pictures and the hopefully new classic recipes.

Please enjoy your New Year night and all the best for 2006!


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