Espresso cocktail jam

Yesterday was espresso-cocktail day.
Together with 7 professional bartenders from Rotterdam and Amsterdam
We did a real nice jam session in Vuong in Amsterdam.

I made some nice espressi with Anne Jan from different blends.
A dark roasted 100% Arabica (piazza d’ Oro Forza) and an 85% Arabica / 15% Robusta (Piazza d’ Oro Estremo).

The bartenders had a little experience with espresso-cocktails. They all new the classic espresso Martini but dint works with espresso every day. So they got really enthusiastic.
And experienced that espresso is a wonderful ingredient for cocktails.
We asked them to play and jam and see what was coming out of that.

THEME Magazine’s (where I write my column) Paula was there with her pencil and notebook to write down the recipes and quotes.
The house photographer from THEME ‘Jim’ flew over from London to make some real nice pictures.

We saw and tasted some very nice cocktails. Shaken, stirred, build in layers etc.

As soon as I have the recipes I will put them on this blog. For now, please enjoy the (bad) pictures from my digital camera. It was very dark on the location so the pictures are not to good.


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