Quality time

2006 couldn’t start better.

First week of January was the yearly HORECAVA fair.
This year was very special for me because of the cooperation of two Michelin star restaurant Beluga and us, Piazza d’Oro.

Because of the high standard of the visitors of the fair we decided to create a espresso-food tasting.
So Hans van Wolde, the chef of the restaurant prepared a very good chocolate – pistache creation, And we served it together with a really nice 100% Arabica espresso.

Last Monday I was invited to make the espresso after a 2 star gala diner.
An organization named ‘Les Patrons Cuisiniers’ organized a big black tie diner for a hundred people.
Patrons press and sponsors were invited.
My colleagues Jan and Ivo and me prepared the espresso together with the 2nd dessert.
Everybody was very delighted. And we where proud to give the guests some of our fresh roasted gold.


Ivo and me concentrated on the Mirage.

Ok glass isn’t perfect, but it has the looks…

As a cup belongs on a saucer, a glass belongs on filth (Dutch)

One of the specialty’s of Jan Bartelsman (our photographer) is playing with colors.
My manager in middleidle is joining his colored espresso.
please visit Jan’s website on


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