Dear all,

The first two months of the year where traditionally the most two busy monthts.
First there where the bar/restaurant exhibition witch where very good for our brand Piazza d’Oro.

A lot of time is going to the competition training for Anne-Jan and Wilco. They work with our coffee in their bars. Lucky enough they finished number one and two in their pre-finals.

One of the pre-finals was organized by us. In the very trendy location ‘VUONG’ in Amsterdam we placed two brand new La Marzocco machines. Unfortunately three cometitors didn’t appear. So four competitors left.

Align Center

The La Marzocco box

I think this is a big problem world wide. A lot of people sign in for competition. But when we nearing the competition date they send an excuse. Most heard excuses: Sick, not trained, nerves, have to work. We have to do something. We need new competitors, new champions to spread the word.

The last seconds of a nice cappuccino

Goodluck to all of you and… Spread the word!

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