NR 8

Yes, we reached our goal!!
Our Dutch competitor Rose van Asten made it to the 8th place in the WBC in Bern.
My best ranking ever was the 11th in Boston.
The good score from Rose is a reflection of the level of the baristi in the Netherlands.

I know, its not the same level as the Scandinavian or Canada’s competitors yes, but we are close, very close.

A short evaluation of Rose’s scoresheets made us very proud. She was so close to the finals.
Now we know we are still on course. This years aim was a top ten ranking and we did that. Now we have to prepare ourselves for Tokyo 2007.
We are very Lucky that Rose already qualified here self for Tokyo so our next aim is make it to the finals there!!! Rose, Louis and the rest of the Dutch team: Congratulations!!!

Sammy, keep on competing… You are the one who gives the competition ROCK & ROLL!!!

Take care, Jeroen


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