Dear WBC organization,

Bern is a few weeks ago. Bern was ok. Not the best city for a WBC (bars closing at 01.00) but OK we’ve found our adresses and made fun.

I’m competing and visiting the WBC since Oslo. Oslo was a great experience. My first WBC. Oslo gave us lot opportunities to learn. Especially learning from each other.
Three LM machines where ready to rumble for competitors and visitors.
And that’s what we need. It’s the same with soccer players. Give them beer and they will talk. But give them a ball and they are really happy.

Since Oslo we visited Boston, Trieste, Seattle and this year Bern. My best WBC where Seattle and Trieste. Because of the social programs. There where barista party’s every evening. And of course its fun to drink beer with each other. And communicate about espresso and barista life style. But each and every evening brought us opportunity’s to make espresso together to taste espressos from other continents. To meet colleagues you know from their internet and blogspots. And to have fun together.

And that’s what I missed in Bern. There was competition, there was an exhibition and there where workshops. But it was boring. There wasn’t a social program for baristi. And that’s what we need. That’s the reason we buy expensive tickets. That’s the reason we fly around the world. To learn, to experience, to taste and to meet.

So I feel free to give some suggestions for the Tokyo organization.
– Give us a barista room with lots of different machines and grinders.
– Give competitors the opportunity to show their presentations to the interested barista.
– Give the audience the opportunity to taste all the coffee’s from the competitors. So After each competitor the bar is open. Volunteers enough.
– Every location u chooses for a social event shoot have a few machines. Because when we drink beer and having fun we like to create our own little competitions. Like the dosing competitions with the Australians. Or latte art competitions or what ever.
– Create an other award for the best vocal presentation. Because with all the respect for the finalists this year (except Sammy) It was boring.
– Show us the best espresso bars in Tokyo (because we couldn’t find one in Bern)

And then I hope that everybody have enough reasons to come over to Tokyo. Because this year I missed a lot of names in Bern (Dismass, Thomas etc)

Take care,


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