Ok, it’s been a long time a go. Much to long.
When I started this blog, my goal was to post 2 times a week.
Well… I missed that goal. A lot of excuses can be given here…
No time, long days of work, no topics etc.

But no excuses will be accepted. It was me who was willing to tell the world about the Dutch Barista culture. And believe me, a lot is happening.

We have a new foundation, The Dutch Barista Promotions. This foundation is the organizer of the Dutch barista championships and our goal is to create a well coordinated barista culture. I’ said “our goal” because I have been asked to be technical member of the board. And it’s my pleasure an honour to do that.

Then I did some serious acting… No not in a movie or a television show but in a online barista training. There is a news letter about café bars and restaurants called ZIBB. And Richard, the owner and editor and I did some things together in the past. Now he said I like to make a short briefly barista training online. Not with pictures but with small movies. Do you want to be the actor? And of course I said yes. click on the picure for the link!

Well I promise to post more frequently from now on…

Take care,Jeroen


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