Happy week!!!

Hello all,

Coming week will be a special one.
Of course because of new year, but there is one other reason…

My new mobile barista unit and last but not least: my new Mirage!!

Last few months we worked hard to develop an ultimate perfect barista unit.
Perfect in the sense of perfect logistic and a perfect routing.
Every time I’ve worked on a location I placed the mirage on a table witch was Rock & Roll but not really professional.
Together with Steel Stuff company ( http://www.steelstuff.nl/ ) we developed an almost perfect mobile unit. It will be a modular system. the biggest unit is the barista unit. Then there is a smaller bartender and a smaller culinair unit. It will be delivered this week to be used on the first exhibition in 2007.

And a new bar needs a new machine J
I’ve asked Kees van der Westen to go loose on a new machine.
I had a special request. During our trip to Portland last year I saw the 5 group !!! Mistral machine at Duanes bar. On that machines were some kind of Pokers or levers installed.
These pokers where there to start and stop the pomp. The reason to develop these pokers was to make it easier to work behind a 5 group machine. The reason I wanted these on my machine is to make it easier to communicate with customers and start and stop the pomp cat the same time. And of course it is more Rock & Roll than those small buttons J
And there will progressive infusion to!!
I will post the pictures as soon as possible.

Take care and a happy and healthy 2007!


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