Proudly presents….part 2

Dear all,
Yesterday was D-day.
In the early morning I drove to Kees small factory in Veldhoven.
I was a bit exited. We where talking about this Veloce machine for a long time, so I was really looking forward to see it.

El Maestro preparing espresso. I’m sure Kees will reach the finals at WBC
And there she was. Shining and ready to go with me. But not before Kees gave me all the instructions and information about the new features. This Mirage is not a regular machine. Is build with a few options that Kees already used for Duane (Stumptown), David Schomer and others.
The levetta’s (Kees is thinking about the real name for this option) for example where already used for all Duanes machines. I saw them in Portland last year and I was really enthusiastic about this function. In my opinion they really help you to be more productive as a barista.
A Mirage is never ready. Just before the is there the milk jug holder….

Than the tap for tea water. In most machines this water comes directly out of the boiler, boiling…
This machine is equipped with a solution to mix cold and hot water together. So the tea water isn’t boiling anymore. Perfect for Americano’s also.

Than the progressive infusion in the group heads.
It took me the whole trip back to think about it and to understand it. Under the group head is an cylinder with a spring. When the water is coming on the coffee, it will expand and will offer resistance. Than the water will come in the cylinder with the spring. So it takes a little while to fill the cylinder. Once it is filled the water comes on the coffee again. The trick is that the pressure comes really inchmeal. So not 9 bars at once but the pressure will be build up to 9 bars. I played with it yesterday but I don’t have a conclusion yet. After the first exhibition day tomorrow we will know more.

There is a lot more to tell about this machine. What about the opportunity to place your milkjug on a custom made kind of platform. Ideal to foam the milk and do some other things at the same time. This is often done by barsti. Most times we place some saucers in front of the machine to hold the milk jug. But this solution is much better looking. And it works because of the extra large steam wands.
The milk jug holder. perfect to make more production as barista…
Then the bar of course. It is just a perfect bar. I have said enough about this beauty in other topics. It’s custom made for baristi. And when we developed it we where really inspired by bartender work stations. I’m really happy how Steel Stuff worked it out to this loungy, trendy, modern and good-looking bar.
I’m Happy…
Take care, Jeroen


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