Wine professional

Hello all,

Yesterday we finished the exhibition called ‘Wine Professional’.
This is a delicatessen show. Lot’s of wine houses, caviar, bread etc to taste and to buy for the professional market.

And of course we where there with Piazza d’Oro.
This was an perfect opportunity to test our new bar and Mirage.

The bar was a big success. It worked very well and was big enough for our barista and our bartender.
Of course it wasn’t 100% perfect. We have to do some improvements to make it perfect.

The Mirage was incredible. I have never tasted our own blends as good as I did last days.
The results of the progressive infusion are amazing. The whole Mirage is amazing. Perfect coffee temperature and very powerful steam pressure. A combination we don’t find every day.

Please enjoy some simple pictures I’ve made.

Take care, Jeroen

My Fellow barista Onno

She worked very well…

Our bar…The bad and the ugly, where is the Good? (my friend and colleague Bas and Me)I love our presentation. we served an ‘espresso tasting bridge’. left is a cocktail with espresso, grand marnier and poir william. In the middle our espresso and the right glass is a creme of chocolate and coffee topped with a foam of a Dutch Liquere called ‘advocaat’ an grand marnier.


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