Tasting bridge and barista jam!


Just finished a very busy week at the big exhibition in Maastricht.
With my fellow barista Onno and my bartender fellow Lodi von Schmidt we produced some magical espresso tasting bridges. Just to show the bar and restaurant owners that it’s so easy to do more with coffee.

And of course Monday night there was the 1st barista jam of the year.
Cofeelovers Albert and me where very proud that our SMS bomb has worked.
I think 50-60 baristi and espresso addicts showed up. And we just talked and drunk champagne, wine and beer. There was enough to speak about. The head roaster of BlanchDael showed us his roasting technique on a nice Probat. I introduced Rose, our Dutch champ to Danny. He’s a pattisier in a two Michelin star restaurant BELUGA. He promised Rose to combine espresso with olives, tomato’s and Italian salad????? Looking forward to taste that!!!

Please enjoy the pictures!

Take care, Jeroen

Louis just got his new shirt, look how happy he is!Enough to talk about!Being a barista is Rock & Roll, This Coffeelovers barista proofs it!Danny, the 2 michelin star pattisier with our espresso tasting bridge

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