Like father like Son

Hello all,

This picture came to me by internet the other week.
Do you recognize this young barista?
No you’re not drunk! It’s true it’s the son of the most famous Belgium men
in the Netherlands. It’s the son of my colleague and friend Peter Deprez.
Peter and his family own the beautiful roastery “Viva Sara” in Belgium.
And most of all Peter won two times the Belgian barista championships.
This year he will compete against our Rose in Tokyo.

We are kind of soul brothers. We both won the 1st two national championships in our country.
And we’re both trying to be a barista ambassador in out country.

On the photo I like to introduce you to Mérten Deprez. He’s wearing one of the smallest barista aprons in the world.

And the rumour goes that little Mérten is already able to make some latte art…!!!??? 🙂

take care, Jeroen

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