Hello all,

During my Sydney week I had a lot of fun with the Mecca Clan!!
Our first meeting was a strange one.
When I entered the Mecca bar I saw a man with a familiar face.
I did recognize him but I didn’t remember where from…
But still there was that familiar face, but…. There was something strange.
Then I new it was Paul. But with a WHAT? A moustache??
So I said to my college: See, I told you.. Sydney is trendy and modern See?

During that week I saw a lot of baristi witch moustaches and I knew it for sure…
Sydney was so hip and cool.

Then after a week something happened. All the barista looked as naked as naked portafilters.
All of them shaved their moustache of. Then I asked WHY???

Here’s the reason: it was MO-vember. They all had moustaches for Cancer. What a nice and rock & Roll initiative.

This month in the Netherlands is Moustache month. So I decided to mail a lot of mail barista and coffee lovers and asked them to join me.

I offered to send me a photo every week and I will publish it on my blog.

I already received 1 reaction. I promised to let grow my moustache if there are a few enthusiastic….

If we have a few I will ask Sara Lee and other company’s to sponsor…

To be continued!

Take care!


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