Ultimate Barista Bag

Hello all,

I would like to inform you about an ultimate barista gear I’ve found.

I am traveling a lot. International but most times national.
And every time I’m bringing lots of things with me.
Grinder, milk jugs, tamper(s), laptop, camera, papers, agenda etc.

And to transport this on a save, relax and trendy way I’ve been searching for a long time for the perfect barista bag.

And now I’ve found mine. This bag use to be a DJ bag. And we are kind of DJ’s don’t we? Lot’s of our colleagues like Tiësto, Paul van Dijk, Carl Cox, Lisa Lashes etc use these trolleys.
These trolleys are designed to travel easy and relax with vinyl, cd’s etc. But also with clothes and laptop’s and so on.

But most of all it has the looks. Everywhere I come I receive compliments about the trolley.
So I decided to contact the producer and ask him if I can bring those trolleys into the barista scene. They are very happy with that initiative and here they are.

New 3-stage internal trolley system with a comfortable soft rubber grip-

Smooth rolling in-line wheels with precision quality bearings-

Large surface kick plate and reinforced wheel housing for impact protection-

Water resistant nylon- Electroplated zippers and integrated combination lock-

Larger side and front pockets provides convenient storage for headphones, magazines and accessories

If you are interested in this trolley for your daily transports between home, customers and work, please mail me at jveldkamp@decs.nl and I will give you the right addresses.

And no I don’t make money on this. It’s my mission to help each other and protect you all for diseases by carry to much stuff everyday!

Take care, Jeroen


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