Dear baristi,

We are proud to announce this party news…
During the SCAE COFFEE FIESTA in Antwerp, May 18-20, 2007
There will be a unique barista party.

Because of the friendship between Belgium and The Netherlands we decided do organize something nice together. Our Dutch team (Michel Alleborgh/Pavoni – Jasper, Kimbo coffee – Albert, Blanche Dael Coffee Lovers and me) and the Belgium team (Peter, Viva Sara, Pascal, Kimbo coffee) put the hands together and voila, the party is there.
It isn’t as easy as it looks but no worries’.

Louis Claus pouring blindfolded latte art during the last barista party in Amsterdam…

The plan is to invite all barista and their teams etc on Saturday 19th.
We have found a nice “rock & roll” location in the centre of Antwerp.
And the party will be simple and “rock & roll”. I remember the karaoke party in Seattle. That was what we like. Drink beer, sing international duets and have fun.
The main reason to do it this way is to try to bring all nations together in the same bar. I have visited lots of WBC events and I’m always enjoy the evening program. But the problem is that nobody can find each other. So what we did is ask the SCAE to bring our party in the official evening program guide. I have some good hope that they will. The man in charge here is Jens (NBC) and he knows how to bring people together!

Lots of sponsors are willing to help us. We don’t need much but it’s nice to know that for example the MINI Dealer likes to bring baristi from A to B. They sponsor a few cool MINI’s to transport you from the Gala diner in the Hortus to the party location. I’m really looking forward to see how that looks. And of course we have a DJ. We are negotiating at the moment with one of the the best DJ’s in Belgium. It would be a nice idea to do a Barista DJ-JAM.

If you have any suggestions to make more party at the party please mail me at
And at the same time please let me know if you like the idea!!

Hope to see you there and please tell everybody in your world that there is a Dutch/Belgium barista party on Saturday 19th.

More details will follow!

Take care, Jeroen


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