Daily Archives: March 3, 2007

Hello all,

On Wednesday 14th of February (valentines day) I had the change to make some nice cappuccini for the editors of ELLE magazine. In Holland we have a special ELLE edition about drinks and food. I asked them two months ago, to watch my barista skills. And I was hopeful to make them enthusiastic to write more articles about the barista scene.

So February 14th we went to club ODEON in Amsterdam. The ELLE people came with a camera man to make a small video clip. I reached my goal because two women who didn’t like cappuccino when they arrived are now addicted to coffee (that’s what they say)

And one of the editors was really interested. He likes to be a master barista as soon as possible.

The next positive thing is that I’m going (trying) to write some articles/columns for ELLE website.
ELLE is a perfect stage to reach lots of people (consumers).

On this link you can watch the small movie clip on the ELLE website. ELLE
take care, Jeroen.

Barista party Antwerp 2

goodmorning all,

Question: Are you going to Antwerp?

If yes: Do you like to join our barista jam?

If yes: Please vote yes in the poll?

If no: Please vote no in the poll?

I’m asking you this because we like to know in average how much guests we can expact at our party.

We have to know because of the amount of Heineken beer we have to bring to Belgium 🙂
take care, Jeroen