Daily Archives: April 20, 2007

Hello everybody,

Coming Monday the Dutch Barista championships will be held in Utrecht. This year it will be the first time a combination with the Dutch Latte Art finals.
www.dutchbaristachampionship.nl and

The Central Studio’s in Utrecht is the stage where the new Dutch champs will act.
My colleagues Onno and Herman will both compete in the latte art and the Barista final.

It will be an spectacular event with dj’s and vj’s. Thanks to our milk producer Friesche vlag. They pay a lot of money to promote their milk of course but thanks to them and the other sponsors it will be very interesting.

May 18th it’s party time!!!
The Dutch and the Belgium’s has organized an ‘have to be there’ Barista Party during the SEAE weekend in Antwerp.
Please read our flyer and visit our party. Highlights are:

Female Dutch DJ,
Machines to rumble,
Mini Cooper transport from the SCAE welcome party to our location MmmmH,
And PARTY!!!

So please copy and sent the flyer to every barista or coffee geek you know!

Take care, Jeroen