Chicago rocks!!

Because of my work for Sara Lee I had the opportunity to visit Chicago.
I was asked to do a demonstration there. And because of that I needed an espresso machine and grinder. After two phone calls it was arranged. First call to Kees van der Westen: Who has an Mirage in Chicago? Second call to Tony Dreyfuss, because he has a Mirage. Tony became a very good friend last days. He and his father own the rock and roll roastery Metropolis coffee in the north of Chicago.

With their master roster Chris and some super baristas are they one of the most popular bars in Chicago.
Tony also showed me de roasting plant of Inteligentsia coffee. This ‘orange’ place also rocks. Lots of people with tattoos, piercings and other hipster items work with passion and dedication. Result is perfect coffee which they serve in one of the three espresso bars. In that bars also lots of passionate barista with tattoos.

I was very lucky to find 2006 champ Matt Riddle and 2007 finalist Amber Sather in one of the bars near Belmont. They had a wonderful initiative. They gave customers the change to taste their signature drinks they served the judges in the US championships. Those signatures where really good. Probably the best I have ever tasted. Matt’s was with ginger and lime. Ambers with cherry and white chocolate. Both perfect balanced and a smooth finish.

After Tony helped me with the presentation we went to the famous bar Greenmill.

This was the favorite bar of All Capone. We had fun and spoke about coffee all night. Tony thanks for all your help.

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