cupping event


During the WBC in Antwerp we where very enthusiastic about the cupping championships. It was funny to realize that a simple event as the cupping competition was so entertaining for the audience. But more important is that we can bring the green coffee world and the barista world together. And that is what we need in The Netherlands.

So we decided to organize a cupping event in Holland. It was a very good event. More than 130 people from the Dutch coffee world where there and 50 people competed.

We started the program with a very good presentation from Dick de Kock from Coffee Company. He explained a lot about taste.

Than Menno Simons from Trabocca coffee traders speeches about his favorite coffee country, Ethiopia. With he did with some amazing pictures and passion.

Now we did this cupping event we are sure that we can find more than 100 competitors for our first official Dutch cupping competition next year!

for the full flickr set click here


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