Hello all,

Just came back from three days Milan.
After all those beautiful Milan years we had, I now have to say that is was boring.
It was a big show, but at the same time an empty show. And where were all the novelties? All those booths were there with some people and some machines, but it didn’t rock. There was no fun, there were no workshops, just not much interesting.

Mirjam in me in a mirror scene in ‘Zuco in Galleria’

Of course there were some well designed booths. and afer a good search there were some novelties. But not the novelties we were all looking for.
I was impressed by the Rancillio just for you system. The Just4You program offers the possibility to create your favorite espresso machine finished in Animal Safe leather.

I official received the golden amper from Michel, finally 🙂

And there was the up and down going groupheads from Vibieme. They also introduced adjustable boiler systems. They couldn’t show it in action yet, but we’ll wait.

We met lots of people from the business, but is seems like nobody has time. We were all running, talking, searching etc.

At the party it was different. On Friday there was the La Marzocco party in ‘café Fingers’.
Funny name… again everybody was there.

We started earlier that afternoon with aperitivo in ‘Zuco in Galleria’. Together with Mirjam, UK Simon Robertson and David Cooper, Dutch friends Michel and Sabine (Alleborgh / La Pavoni) and Menno and Talita (Bocca trader).

Simon and David tried to do normal, but for us it was a perfect persiflage of Hugh Grand, i really had pain in my belly. What a dry sort of humor. Oh my god, I’m still smiling when I think back on that moment!

Under: Willy Hansen, Kees van der Westen and Kent Bakke: loads of espresso knowledge

Fabian Schmidt, supplier of Mirage machines in Germany shows his Magic eyes…

The party was OK, but I drunk too much cocktails at the aperitivo, so we left early.

Tjeerd and Ivo. Our Dutch barista top models. they really rockt on the WEGA booth

Saturday night was Dalla Corte night. In an old factory the placed a bar and a band. And they really rock. The guitar player was from Mick Jaggers live band. Compliments on that.

That was it. I wish I could tell you more of the SIC but I didn’t find more…

take care,



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