Baristi in concert


Besides coffee I really like wine.
And in Holland I’m lucky to know some foreign wine importers.
And if there is a wine show or wine exhibition we always try to be there with our coffee.
Because we try to reach the sommeliers. They are very important for the coffee in restaurants.

My son acts like he scored the winning goal in the Champions League!

And sometimes we are very lucky with the location of the wine show. This time it was the Amsterdam Arena. Home of my favorite Ajax Amsterdam. My friend Alain, who is owner of the German wine promotiondesk invited 100 of the best German wine producers. and more than 800 sommeliers and restaurant owners. Barista mate Onno and me acting like we coach Ajax to the champions league final
When we build up our mobile barista unit on Sunday evening we were really lucky, because the touring car with the selection just came back from the match against AZ Alkmaar. And lucky enough they won that match so the players and coach were very optimistic.

I brought my son and his two friends with me and they had the change to make pictures witch all players and coach Henk ten Cate. (Who just left to Chelsea).

My son and his cousin and friend with Henk the Man!

During the wine show we felt like DJ’s. Our bar really looked like a DJ booth. It’s an amazing experience to make espresso’s on top level in a top stadium! Most of the (800) sommeliers were surprised about the quality off our espressi and cappuccini.

Take care,



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