cupping event


During the WBC in Antwerp we where very enthusiastic about the cupping championships. It was funny to realize that a simple event as the cupping competition was so entertaining for the audience. But more important is that we can bring the green coffee world and the barista world together. And that is what we need in The Netherlands.

So we decided to organize a cupping event in Holland. It was a very good event. More than 130 people from the Dutch coffee world where there and 50 people competed.

We started the program with a very good presentation from Dick de Kock from Coffee Company. He explained a lot about taste.

Than Menno Simons from Trabocca coffee traders speeches about his favorite coffee country, Ethiopia. With he did with some amazing pictures and passion.

Now we did this cupping event we are sure that we can find more than 100 competitors for our first official Dutch cupping competition next year!

for the full flickr set click here


cool movie

On one of my favorite sites I have found this cool movie!


Chicago rocks!!

Because of my work for Sara Lee I had the opportunity to visit Chicago.
I was asked to do a demonstration there. And because of that I needed an espresso machine and grinder. After two phone calls it was arranged. First call to Kees van der Westen: Who has an Mirage in Chicago? Second call to Tony Dreyfuss, because he has a Mirage. Tony became a very good friend last days. He and his father own the rock and roll roastery Metropolis coffee in the north of Chicago.

With their master roster Chris and some super baristas are they one of the most popular bars in Chicago.
Tony also showed me de roasting plant of Inteligentsia coffee. This ‘orange’ place also rocks. Lots of people with tattoos, piercings and other hipster items work with passion and dedication. Result is perfect coffee which they serve in one of the three espresso bars. In that bars also lots of passionate barista with tattoos.

I was very lucky to find 2006 champ Matt Riddle and 2007 finalist Amber Sather in one of the bars near Belmont. They had a wonderful initiative. They gave customers the change to taste their signature drinks they served the judges in the US championships. Those signatures where really good. Probably the best I have ever tasted. Matt’s was with ginger and lime. Ambers with cherry and white chocolate. Both perfect balanced and a smooth finish.

After Tony helped me with the presentation we went to the famous bar Greenmill.

This was the favorite bar of All Capone. We had fun and spoke about coffee all night. Tony thanks for all your help.

Hello everybody,

Coming Monday the Dutch Barista championships will be held in Utrecht. This year it will be the first time a combination with the Dutch Latte Art finals. and

The Central Studio’s in Utrecht is the stage where the new Dutch champs will act.
My colleagues Onno and Herman will both compete in the latte art and the Barista final.

It will be an spectacular event with dj’s and vj’s. Thanks to our milk producer Friesche vlag. They pay a lot of money to promote their milk of course but thanks to them and the other sponsors it will be very interesting.

May 18th it’s party time!!!
The Dutch and the Belgium’s has organized an ‘have to be there’ Barista Party during the SEAE weekend in Antwerp.
Please read our flyer and visit our party. Highlights are:

Female Dutch DJ,
Machines to rumble,
Mini Cooper transport from the SCAE welcome party to our location MmmmH,
And PARTY!!!

So please copy and sent the flyer to every barista or coffee geek you know!

Take care, Jeroen

in memorial…

Present morning sad news reached me.
The announcement of Mr van Eembergen’s death came very sudden for me.

Mr van Eembergen was a true pioneer for espresso in the Netherlands.
He was the man who brought espresso to our country.

I remember Mr van Eembergen as a craftsman and an expert with a mission.
His mission was the same mission as we have today; ‘better espresso in our country’.

In a way we can suppose that Mr van Eembergen was one of the first baristi in the Netherlands.
Although his age of 76 years, he always showed up at the barista championships, trades, shows and other espresso-occasions.

Mr van Eembergen was very interested in our ‘new’ barista skills. He didn’t always agree with us, but he respected us. And we respected Mr van eembergen…


photo shoot


Last week we were working on a new brochure. On Tuesday we were working with a professional food-photographer (Hans). For an amateur photographer as I am, it was a very special day.

Big brother is watching it!
My Sony camera was a really a small camera next to the Nikon d200 with the magical lens they used. I was very lucky with Hans, because it was no problem for him when I touched his baby.

Now we’re talking!

Until Tuesday I was quite sure that the Canon eos 400 was my favorite to buy. But since Tuesday I’m very enthusiastic about Nikon camera’s.

The real work!
It was fun to work with professional people, and I’m sure that the pictures will be awesome.
I’ll post them when they are ready.

Until than you have to do it with my Sony pics!

Yes, i’m am an addict! (we used this thing to fill up the coffees without breaking the crema)

Hello all,

On Wednesday 14th of February (valentines day) I had the change to make some nice cappuccini for the editors of ELLE magazine. In Holland we have a special ELLE edition about drinks and food. I asked them two months ago, to watch my barista skills. And I was hopeful to make them enthusiastic to write more articles about the barista scene.

So February 14th we went to club ODEON in Amsterdam. The ELLE people came with a camera man to make a small video clip. I reached my goal because two women who didn’t like cappuccino when they arrived are now addicted to coffee (that’s what they say)

And one of the editors was really interested. He likes to be a master barista as soon as possible.

The next positive thing is that I’m going (trying) to write some articles/columns for ELLE website.
ELLE is a perfect stage to reach lots of people (consumers).

On this link you can watch the small movie clip on the ELLE website. ELLE
take care, Jeroen.